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AER: A Good Day to Dine Away Mission Report – Empire CO

Klingon House VamPyr
A Good Day to Dine
Away Mission Report – Empire CO

On Saturday, September 8th 2018 members of many KLIN_FIRE fleet ships traveled westward and northward up into the mountains of Colorado to visit the glorious town of Empire. Members came from near and far, battling heat, traffic and the evil leaf peepers. The plan was originally to take over Jenny’s – that was closed for renovations. Our valiant warrior D’nuop attempted, without luck, to reach the Hard Rock Café (hard rock as in mining rock), but it, too, was under renovation. The fleet ended up at the Lewis Sweet Shop, where burgers, hot targ, chicken, and all manner of dis-comfort foods were consumed (it was delicious). The staff was surprised, but delighted to be taken over by Klingons – our only torture was descending upon them without notice – they got lucky. 60s and 70s Earth music played. Visitors to the shop were honored by our presence; some even joined in the fun. Pictures were taken and a good time was had by all.

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